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Voting lines open to vote TGB Voting ID 59 to win Skoch Financial Sector Award 2017

Skoch Financial Sector Award 2017

Our Bank has participated in Skoch Financial Sector Award 2017 on 19th May 2017. The SKOCH financial sector award is India’s highest honor recognizing excellence in financial sector since 2003 and has become synonymous with excellence.

To win the award, we need popular vote through twitter apart from jury and expert decisions. Winning of the award will focus our bank at the national level both at the Government and corporate sector levels. All the staff members can vote for our nomination which is marked as project ID 59. Request your friends and relatives to vote for our nomination.

Procedure for voting.

  1. First, click the above link.
  2. 2.    At the bottom, please select project ID for vote from the drop down as Project ID 59.
  3. Login into the twitter suing your twitter ID.
  4. Click authorize app button.
  5. Select on the button “Click to vote”.
  6. Fill in the required details.
  7. Then, submit your response.
  8. Voting is done.


Please share these details to your friends, relatives and ask them to vote in the same procedure.


*NOTE: Voting ends on 26.05.2017*