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Ecomm TGB Rupay ePay

We are pleased to inform that Our Bank has rolled out the E-Commerce service – RuPay ePay to all our customers since 20.06.2017 in co-ordination with NPCI.

RuPay E-commerce solution from National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) enables RuPay cardholders to transact online. It not only provides a platform for online transactions but also gives the customers a unique seamless shopping experience since the user has to enter just the card details and a One Time Password (OTP) to complete the transaction.

Procedure to be followed by customers for availing e-Commerce facility: 

  1. Go to any online e-Commerce application meant for payment services such as Recharges, Bill payments, ticket bookings, etc., and fill all the required details and go to make payments.
  2. Choose payment option as Debit Card or RuPay whichever available.
  3. Key in the 16 digit card no. like 6071 95** **** ****.
  4. Enter other details like Valid from: DD/YY, Valid thru: DD/YY, Name in the card.
  5. Enter the last 3 digit CVV No. printed on the back side of the card and wait for OTP to your registered mobile no.
  6. Enter the 8 digit OTP and wait for the transaction success message.
  7. You will receive SMS on the transaction details upon successful transaction.


How to use your RuPay card online?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    Do I have to separately register for RuPay E-commerce service?

No separate registration is required for RuPay e-commerce transactions, for all transactions the cardholder needs to enter card details and OTP (one time password).

2.    What is CVD (Card Validation Data)?

It's a three digit number printed on the back of the card same as CVV as referred to by other international schemes.

3.    What to do if my phone number is not registered with the bank?

Please get in touch with your bank for registering your mobile number. Do not forget to update the same every time you change your number.

4.    How long is the OTP valid?

The validity of the OTP is decided by the card issuing bank and varies for different banks.

5.    Will this OTP be valid while re-trying the transaction?

The validity of the OTP is decided by the card issuing bank and varies for different banks.

6.    What to do if I am not receiving my OTP?

Request you to wait as delivery of OTP depends on signal strength of your telecom carrier in your current location. Alternatively, if you still do not receive OTP after considerable amount of time, please click on “Resend OTP” button. If you continue to face problems with the receipt of OTP (delayed/ non-receipt) please report the same to your bank immediately.


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