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Product - Mobile Banking

TGB Mobile Rupaayee

Mobile Banking is the “Most Popular Application” under new generation mobile technology. With the rapid growth in the number of mobile phone subscribers in India, banks have been exploring the feasibility of using mobile phones as an alternative channel of delivery of banking services. All the messages originating from mobile banking application are encrypted end to end using 128 bit AES encryption, thus ensuring security in processing the transactions.

TGB –Mobile Banking app named as “TGB Mobile Rupaayee” is presently available only in Java enabled Android Smart Phones with GPRS connection. Mobile Banking is the easiest way to reach any customer. TGB –Mobile Banking offers convenient, simple, secure, anytime and anywhere banking 24 X 7 !!!

Customers can now enquire about their accounts maintained at Telangana Grameena Bank by using the Mobile Banking app. To avail this service, the customer needs to visit his/her home branch and fill up the Value Added Services form and submit at the help desk. On update in bank records, the customer can then start using the Mobile App.

This facility is offered FREE OF CHARGE.

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Downloading Mobile Banking App:

Android smart phone users can download our TGB - Mobile Banking App only from Google Play Store.

Note: App downloaded / shared from other sources might have been compromised and pose threat to the customer’s data.

Registration Process:

  1. Fill-in the Registration Form available in the Branch or Download here.
  2. Visit your Branch where you maintain your Current / Savings Bank Account.
  3. Submit the duly filled in the Registration Form to the Branch Manager.
  4. Branch will update your Account details and Mobile Number and enable Mobile Banking Access.
  5. Download the app from Google Play Store and install in your Android smartphone.
  6. Open the app, go to New Registration, enter the registered Mobile no. and then Account No.
  7. You will receive the OTP (One Time Password) for registration to your Mobile Number Registered with the Bank.
  8. Key in OTP and submit.
  9. Complete other procedures like setting Login Pin (4 digit) and Setting Transaction Pin (4 digit). The PINs may be of your choice.

10. Your Registration process is completed.

11. You can use it anywhere anytime.

Services Offered under Mobile banking:

I.         Banking

  1. My Accounts
    1. Account Detail
    2. Mini Statements with last 10 transaction
  2. Fund Transfer Within Bank
    1. Own Account Transfer
    2. Third party Quick transfer
    3. Third party beneficiary Transfer
  3. Fund Transfer Other Bank
    1. NEFT
    2. RTGS Transfer
    3. IMPS

II.         Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

  1. View MMID
  2. Generate MMID
  3. Delete MMID

III.         Requests

  1. Cheque Status
  2. Stop Cheque
  3. Revoke Cheque
  4. Cheque Book Request


IV.         Settings

  1. Manage Beneficiary
  2. Reset Pins

Business Rules Governing Mobile Banking Services:

  • All Current / Savings Bank Account holders in Personal segment are eligible
  • Transaction limit per customer Rs.5000/- per transaction, Rs.20,000/- per day with a calendar month limit of ₹2,50,000/-
  • The service will be carrier-agnostic i.e. all customers can avail the mobile banking service with the Bank, irrespective of the service provider for their mobiles.
  • The service is free of charge.
  • SMS / GPRS cost will be borne by the customer.


1. How can I register for Mobile Banking?

Submit application form at your home branch, get enrolled, install app and login.

2. Mobile banking facility can be given to Minor account?

No. Any account opened in the name of a minor or if any minor is a joint account holder, such accounts are not eligible for mobile banking. Branches should ensure the same before sending the request.

3. Is there any limitation for amount that can be transferred to other accounts through mobile banking (Inter Bank or Intra Bank)?

Yes. Rs. 5000/- per transaction, Rs. 20,000/- per day or Rs. 2,50,000/- per calendar month.

4. If a transaction done through mobile banking fails, what about the amount already debited to the account? Will it be refunded automatically or manually it will be reversed?

Amount will be automatically refunded. If due to any technical fault, it has not happened then it has to be manually handled.

If the status of the transactions is unknown, the amount will be refunded within 7 working days as per RBI guidelines.

6. Are there any charges for availing Mobile Banking services?

As of now there is no charge payable to Bank. However, customer will be charged for SMS/data usage by their service provider (for ex: BSNL, Airtel etc.,) as per their plan / guidelines issued by TRAI. Charges may be applicable for the OTP and re-generation of MPIN.

7. What should be done if the customer loses his mobile and informs the branch about the lost?

The branch may inform the same to RO. RO shall inform the same to HO, to put a hold on the Mobile Banking facility of the customer.

8. What shall be done of the user doesn’t get OTP or informs that there is a delay in receiving the OTP.

Under the normal circumstances, OTP will be received instantly. However, there may be a delay when the MBS server is not responding. In such cases, the user may wait for 15 minutes before initiating the next transaction. The load on the server may increase if the user keeps on initiating transactions. Besides, branch shall ensure that the latest mobile number of the customer is updated in the CBS and is provided in the MBS registration form.

When the MBS server is not available, then the user gets a message as “Login successful” repetitively while initiating any kind of transaction.